About The Clinician

Kevin Towers is a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of New York, and a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. His attention to detail, compassion and insistence on providing the highest quality care distinguish Kevin from others in the field. Kevin’s extensive study of human anatomy, biomechanics and human movement has made him a dedicated and highly qualified clinician.

Kevin graduated from Columbia University with honors as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. During his time at Columbia, Kevin forged relationships with several of the most skilled and talented clinicians in the field. He continues to regularly study and collaborate with these colleagues to push the envelope on the latest methods of conservative care.

Kevin began his career at Hospital for Special Surgery, the premier orthopedic hospital in the US. Patient care includes the latest post-operative and non-operative rehabilitation. During this time present during numerous clinical learning opportunities including Sports Core, Grand Rounds, Current Concepts in Sports Rehab and Rehab Grand Rounds.

Kevin spent his early years in practice shadowing the most highly qualified clinicians New York has to offer, including Gregory Rakowski PT. He also travels around the US when he can to take advanced manual therapy courses at The Barral Institute, Institute of Manual Therapy and with legendary Mark Bookhout. Here he acquires the precise skills used to treat individual patients needs in a finely detailed manner, which are to often misunderstood, understudied or underutilized in the field of Physical Therapy.

Kevin treats a wide range of physical or mechanical dysfunctions and pathologies. He effectively treats all pain syndromes conservatively using gentle and effective manual joint mobilization in combination with targeted neuromuscular re-education programs, and includes a custom Home Exercise Program designed to meet the specific needs of each patient.. With the expertise gained from Hospital for Special Surgery, Kevin manages all post-operative cases.

Kevin is active in his personal life; having participated in numerous races through the New York Road Runners Club, Kevin is also a Triathlete. He uses his passion and understanding of an active lifestyle in conjunction with his clinical approach as a Physical Therapist to personalize patient goals.

Special Expertise

  • Acute & Chronic dysfunctions of the neck, mid-low back and SI pain
  • Non operative and post operative hip pathology
  • Conservative management of all overuse and sport related injuries, with emphasis on return to fitness/sports
  • Low back and pelvic pain in women postpartum
  • 50+ Arthritis related spine dysfunctions & symptoms
  • Nerve pain
  • Bio-mechanical movement analysis by use of software and video breakdown including Running gait and Golf swing


  • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist
  • HSS Certified, Advanced Hip Clinician