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Offering In-Office Treatments: (new) NYC Office

To our dedicated patients: We are pleased to announce that Kevin will be returning to office for on site treatments. For those patients who prefer, are prescribed and or are determined more appropriate for on site treatments, please proceed with

Offering Video-PT Treatments:

To our dedicated patients, Kevin will continue to hold daily video PT sessions in 30min blocks for both new and existing patients who wish to continue there therapy remotely. This is upon request, and will be scheduled with Kevin directly

Degenerative Arthritic Low Back Pain

I was referred to Kevin after other failed attempts at PT to rehab ferocious low back/hip pain related to scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. I was told if he could not help, multi-level spine fusion was unavoidable. After about 12

Low Back Pain

Kevin is the best physical therapist I have had the pleasure of working with. I came to him with back pain stemming from an accident a few years ago, within 2 sessions Kevin had already started effectively fixing the spinal

Basketball; Lower Back Injury

As an athlete training year-round, it is essential that I am healthy, especially during the season. During pre-season I injured my back and the MRI revealed a herniated disc. I sought out the best doctors and was recommended to Kevin

ITBand Syndrome

I was diagnosed with IT band syndrome by a sports medicine physician who prescribed me a number of exercises to do. After 3 weeks of stretching and exercises that did nothing for my condition, I sought out Kevin for help. He

Low Back, Pelvic and Nerve Pain

Kevin’s approach to physical therapy is unique, effective and very often provides instant relief. Exercises were individualized to address the specific complexities of my injury, not picked from the laundry list that my other PT’s had. Kevin worked directly with me the