Offering Video-PT Treatments only until 06/01/2020:

To our dedicated patients,

Much to our collective disappointment and frustration with these uncertain times, our building landlord has decided to close its doors until 5/18/20 or later This is an effort to limit exposure of building staff, clinical tenants and all of our patients to the recent spread of Covid-19. 
We expect to open our doors again for treatments beginning 06/01/20, granted the spread is under control. We will then maintain the same safe and sanitary precautions amongst our staff and within our facility doors. 
In the meantime, Kevin will be holding 5 hours (30min blocks) of video PT sessions daily with patients who wish to continue there therapy remotely and for new patient evaluations. This is upon request, and will be scheduled with Kevin directly via email. Please do contact him directly if you wish to schedule and proceed this way. 
Otherwise please do go online and begin scheduling appointments in advance beginning 06/01/20
Stay safe, feel well. And, we look forward to seeing you in April. 
-Office Manager for Kevin Towers DPT, PLLC

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